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New IOSF Eco T-shirts and Hoodies - from Teemill

Check out our new selection of quality eco friendly shirts and hoodies for you in our Teemill Store!

By working through fantastic UK based brand Rapanui, and their online store platform Teemill, we are now able to offer clothing garments that are made with completely natural materials, such as organic cotton. These items of clothing are then printed in workshops that are run solely by renewable energy. On top of this, should you feel you no longer require your item, you can send your item back to Teemill, who are then able to generate new clothing through recycling,  how good is that?

Certified as carbon neutral, we are really happy to be able to provide this to our customers, so why don't you go ahead and see what all the fuss is about for yourself, and help us keep the planet, and the otters, happy in the process!

Come on over and take a look.