Where your shopping helps protect otters
Where your shopping helps protect otters
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Meet the Otters

A preview of the otters you can adopt with IOSF (left to right):

  • Baird had become separated from his mum and was discovered on a road in the north-west of Scotland.
  • Wally came to IOSF from Dingwall, near Inverness.
  • Storm was found alone, by a fast-flowing burn in the north-west Highlands of Scotland.
  • Bealltainn was found in a garden starving and struggling with her survival, on Scotland's West Coast.
  • Vietnam Otters - 15 baby Asian small-clawed otters have been rescued from the pet trade and are now being cared for by Save Vietnam’s Wildlife (SVW).
  • Africa Otters - Your adoption will help the Kikongo Otter Sanctuary in the Democratic Republic of Congo care for otters and also support conservation work in Africa.
  • Furget-Me-Not - Support IOSF's Furget-Me-Not Campaign against the illegal trade in otters.

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